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| What is your favorite memory/story that involves Harry Potter?
1:56 PM
July 13th, 2011

He was my escape

Harry Came to me in the middle of a perfectly horrid time in my life. My parents were getting divorced. It seemed like my whole world was over. How could I ever grow up to be a happy, healthy, normal child if my parents hated each other? I was angsty, and i was angry, and I was lost. I had always been a reader, and books had always been my escape. They were how I found my way back home whenever I got angsty and angry and lost. But this divorce seemed to have stolen that from me. I would read, and think “oh how trivial, suck it up, your life is just fine” I would put down the characters, because it seemed to silly to stress over grades and boys when my whole world was falling down. It was like the divorce was a weight placed on my chest, it was suffocating me. And the Harry Potter was recommend to me by a friend. I picked it up, and was instantly addicted. Here was a book that had done the impossible and lifted this weight. The story, the characters, the setting, it was all strong enough to lift me out of my problems, and into a whole other world, where anything was possible, and my own heartaches weren’t even slightly relevant. It was perfect, it gave me hope. Hope that I would find my passion for reading again, yes, but more importantly hope for my future. Because if Harry, Ron, and Hermione can suffer through everything they have, and still come out on top, then the idea that one silly little divorce would break me was simply ridiculous. Harry Potter have me a new hope, and a new light. He gave me a world to escape to when my own was too much, not just that year, but every year since then, and he gave me the strength to fight my battles. Harry Potter may very well have saved my life, and something that major, something with an impact that huge, cannot end, just because the last movie has played, and the last words have been written. Oh no. Something that major will live on forever, always there to provide an escape when we need it. Hogwarts will always be there to welcome us home. 

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